Welcome to the AncarNetwork donation center!

Here you can donate money to the server to help us support it and grow it

To thank you for your support, you can get a reward based on the type of donation.



To choose the donation package click on TheFourthAge and select the category (VIP, etc..), then it will ask you the nickname used in the server (it does not matter if you make a bad case, because the system identifies you automatically by looking online players on the server so make sure you are online for at least 120 seconds so that even in the case of sudden effort on the part of the server due to some technical problem, however, the databases have time to synchronize, this is only a precaution because the tests have never occurred this problem) you can proceed to donation using the following methods of payment:

- PayPal

This method is already fully configured, so simply follow the instructions ...

Needless to say, the whole transaction takes place in a completely encrypted way through the software provided by the production company: in fact, your data will not be requested as long as you are in our donation center but only when you enter the PayPal site


Do not disclose the information in the screenshots for any reason, which must always be transmitted privately



At the moment there are also other methods of payment automatically thanks to the PayPal circuit, in fact after choosing PayPal as a payment method you are redirected to the official website of the latter from which the transaction will be performed. During the transaction you will be asked if you are already registered with PayPal or if you are new users.

If you indicate you are new users you will have additional payment methods available, such as:

- Mastercard

- Visa

- PostePay

- Discover

- American Express

- Aura card

These payment methods do not require manual activation as for the Paysafecard, so they come into effect approximately 25 seconds after the donation ...

In order for the donation package to be successfully activated, the player must be online on the server before the donation begins and until it is activated.

It is advisable to empty the inventory as a precaution.


No refunds will be made on donations